By now, we are all probably familiar with the Yeezy. Even non-sneaker enthusiasts are aware of what it is. In the past decade since its release, the Yeezy has become another notable sneaker that has taken center stage in pop culture. That said, we thought it might be worth looking at.

For those unaware, the Yeezy was borne out of a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. Perhaps one of the most iconic musicians of this generation, Kanye was deemed worthy to have a shoe made for him. Hence, the first Yeezy came out in 2009.

For a while, the response to this partnership was negligible. However, by 2015, the release of the 350 series changed all that. After that, there was no turning back as the hype train got off the station at full speed.

There is no denying that the Yeezy’s design made it stand out. Sporting a PRIMEKNIT construction, it provides its wearer the comfort and stability they need. It is also worth noting that the shoe sports the brand’s iconic stripes in a jagged design across its sides, making it truly unique.

While time will ultimately be the judge of the Yeezy’s longevity, it seems this shoe is determined to make its mark in the history books.

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