If you’re searching for the best sneakers for standing all day, then you’ve come to the right place. When working a job that demands you to be on your feet the whole day means you need to get a shoe that provides all the comfort and support needed. The best shoes for standing all day can help reduce joint pains, muscle, and heel aches.

It’s significant to note that not just any shoe can do the trick considering the toll that standing all day can take on not just your feet but your body as well. So, if you’ve been wearing shoes that don’t offer you the needed support, we’ve reviewed a few of the best sneakers for standing all day that one can get. Our review has been professionally researched to include shoes that are durable, comfortable, supportive, and offer the protection you need.

Nike Tanjun Sneakers

NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers, Breathable Textile Uppers and Comfortable Lightweight Cushioning

Tanjun in Japanese means simple or plain. It is because of that, that these Nike sneakers are quite simple yet provide you with the needed support and comfort for you to be on your feet the whole day.


  • The shoe has a cushioned foam for both the midsole and outsole
  • This Nike Tanjun sneakers are designed to absorb shock whether you spend the whole day standing or walking
  • The shoes are versatile as they can also be used for hiking and running
  • They are very lightweight which means you won’t even feel as if you are wearing them
  • Very breathable as they are nicely ventilated and also boast of a flexible midsole
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Because the material used is breathable, you can be sure that your feet will remain dry and cool throughout the day
  • Perfect for preventing any ache pains as they provide all the support needed thanks to the amount of cushioning used in its construction
  • The lace-up closure assist with a good fit regardless of whether you are standing in them, walking, hiking, or running


  • Not as durable as other sneakers for standing all day in our review


Adidas Cloudfoam Sneakers

adidas Women's Cloudfoam Qt Racer Running Shoe

There’s no denying that the Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers are a great choice when it comes to running sneakers. However, they also double as excellent sneakers for people who need to be on their feet the whole day. Besides being breathable and lightweight, these shoes also come in various colors.


  • Provide a significant amount of support thanks to the shoe’s midsole and outsole construction
  • They are comfortable, stable, and supportive making them perfect if you need to do your job standing all-day
  • They come in various colors and sizes allowing you to find them in a color that suits your taste
  • These Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers are durable hence can be used as an everyday wear
  • Forget being worn out when wearing these shoes as they are very lightweight
  • The outsole is rubber made while the entire shoe is made from durable material which means you get all the protection you need
  • They are quite affordable and are flexible
  • They have a fit for both men and women
  • You will be buying from a brand that is well known for designing some of the best sneakers for various needs


  • They have a tight fit that may not work for everyone and are not water-resistant hence shouldn’t be worn on rainy days


ASICS Gel Nimbus 20

ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

ASICs’ Gel Nimbus line is loved by many. In fact, it’s quite hard to find a Gel Nimbus shoe missing from most reviews focusing on sneakers for various types of sports. The Gel Nimbus 20 has various features that make it a must have for anyone keen on finding a shoe that they can use for standing all day.


  • Excellent shoe for those with high arches considering that standing all day can lead to painful arches
  • You will be buying from a line that is known to produce some of the best sneakers for athletes and non-athletes alike
  • Can be used as a running shoe due to its versatile
  • It has an amazing cushioning which makes it a good choice for standing all-day
  • Offers a lot of toe space ensuring that you get maximum comfort for everyday use
  • It’s a responsive shoe that offers amazing bounce back regardless of the distance you need to walk thanks to the FlyteFoam technology that’s incorporated
  • Quite durable and also lightweight
  • It’s available in various sizes and colors, and although affordable, the price is dependent on your size and preferred color
  • It has an exoskeletal heel counter that helps enhance the support while providing your heel with a comfortable and fitting heel environment


  • Depending on the shoe size they can be quite expensive

Saucony ST2 Walking Shoe

Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

Now, if your job involves you walking around a lot asides standing, then the Saucony ST2 walking shoes are perfect for you. These shoes have been designed for walking, which makes them perfect for standing in all day as well.


  • Unlike other shoes, these shoes from Saucony don’t need any breaking in making them comfortable and ready to go
  • The sole and the heel are not as high as others hence offering you the required support
  • The shoe features a heel Progrid that gives your feet the needed protection
  • They are affordable
  • The Saucony ST2 shoes are made from full-grain leather which makes them breathable
  • Features excellent cushioning making them perfect for standing in all-day
  • Because of the rubber and high-quality material used in the construction, you are guaranteed durability
  • The shoe comes in a variety of sizes
  • Offers excellent shock absorption and is a good choice for people with flat arches keeping you comfortable the entire day
  • The outsole is made from durable non-marking rubber which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use


  • They are not as lightweight as other even though they won’t weigh you down and are available in only four different colors


Reebok Floatride Run 2.0 Sneakers

Reebok Women's Floatride Run 2.0

Reebok is another popular brand when it comes to the manufacture of sneakers. Being a successor to a previous model, the Floatride Run 2.0 has undergone various improvements to make it an excellent shoe choice for standing in all day.


  • It has a high cushioning which blends well with its lightweight construction to provide a comfortable fit
  • Although the shoes have been designed for long-distance running, the cushioning makes them excellent for being your feet the whole day
  • The type of lacing featured on this pair of shoe provides a perfect fit for its wearer
  • The shoes are attractive and have a beautiful design
  • It has a molded sockliner which offers an outlined cushioning that hugs the arch nicely
  • The shoe’s construction has an ergonomic heel cup that provides a fit that is secure
  • Built using floatride foam that makes the shoe very responsive
  • Provides quality traction thanks to the rubber outsole that is high-abrasion resistant
  • The heel’s padding helps reduce any slip
  • Because the shoe is feather-light, you are guaranteed of a stable and comfortable feel
  • Available for both men and women


  • Limited number of colors and sizes and also happens to be expensive


Altra Lone Peak Sneakers

ALTRA AFM1855F Men's Lone Peak 4 Trail Running Shoe

Altra are known to design some of the best shoes for trail running. However, these shoes are versatile, which makes them an excellent pick for best sneakers for standing in all day. Besides the cushioning, the shoe’s outsole is also tough and sturdy for all-day standing. S


  • Available in different sizes and five different colors that’ll get you noticed
  • The shoe features a durable mesh upper that makes the shoe breathable leaving your feet cool and dry throughout the day
  • Perfect shoes for the everyday hard worker
  • Features an A-bound cushioning that helps spring you forward with every step you take
  • This Altra Lone peak sneaker has a roomier forefoot fit thanks to the strap overlay that is flexible
  • The carved lugs that are also multi-directional help reduce the shoe’s weight while improving traction
  • Customer reviews have hailed this shoe for being amazingly comfortable
  • Offers a great grip and fit
  • Quite versatile as they are perfect for walking and hiking as well
  • Has a footshape toe box that helps your toes spread out and relax naturally for more stability and comfort
  • Perfect shoe for people with wide foot


  • There have been complains about the quality of the shoe from some customers


Final Thoughts

Choosing a pair of sneakers for standing in all day is no easy task. That’s’ because a wrong shoe can not only leave you with ache and heel pains, but it can also lead to buyer’s remorse. When in search of a good pair of shoes, you need to ensure it provides comfort, stability, is a good fit, durability, and is also within your budget.

Various sneakers come in different colors. While you may prefer a colorful shoe, your workplace may be a more formal place; hence a colorful shoe may not be a good bet for you. If you don’t have the budget to buy various pairs of shoes, it’s important that you choose one that can easily be maintained, allowing you multiple wears within the week.


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